It is normal to feel tired throughout your pregnancy and sometimes exercise is the last thing on your mind but it is very important you keep your body moving and maintain a basic level of fitness throughout. Some days will be easier than others so roll with it and don’t be too hard on yourself. 

One good way of sneaking it in is to fit exercise into your everyday life. You could decide to walk home from work a few times per week. Take the stairs instead of the lift, within reason of course!, if there are many floors you could go half way. 


If at any point you feel any pain, breathlessness such that you cannot hold a normal conversation or dizziness it’s time to stop and consult your doctor. 


Why is it important to maintain fitness during your pregnancy? 


It is important to keep your body moving, ensure your muscles stay strong to support your changing body and maintain some stamina for birth and your future life with a baby. 


What areas of the body should you be aware of while exercising in pregnancy?


While you are pregnant you must be especially careful not to try anything you haven’t done before and you should be careful not to overstrain your muscles and joints especially around the pelvic area. 


What are the pelvic floor muscles, why are they important?


The pelvic floor muscles are at the bottom of the pelvis and hold in the abdominal contents and organs and stop them dropping out. These are put under pressure when you are pregnant as your baby grows so it is important to keep them strong to cope with the changing load. 


What happens to the tendons and ligaments in pregnancy? 


The hormone relaxin is released during pregnancy. It helps the pelvis open up to give birth. It acts on most tissues of the body but the main part you’ll notice is your joints. You’ll feel some aching and extra movement at times. This is normal but you must listen to your body and see your doctor if you’re worried. 


How much fitness should I do in pregnancy? 


You can keep fit while you are pregnant but it is a changing state so you mustn’t worry if you feel you are constantly losing fitness. By staying active you are counteracting this as much as possible. 

It’s safe to continue doing what you were doing before, avoiding contact sports and those you could injure yourself or your baby by participating. You should not try to increase your level of fitness and you should always listen to your body. If you feel dizzy, faint, severely out of breath or any pain you should stop and seek advice from a professional. 


How do I say motivated? 


It may seem like a losing battle and exercise is the last thing on your mind but if you follow these simple guidelines you could feel energised, stronger and more motivated. You will also have more strength and stamina to enjoy your baby when he/she comes along.