Many people I treat travel with work and it seems to be a real issue with maintaining fitness. Routine is a very important factor that encourages people to maintain regular exercise and regular exercise is the key to getting fit, staying fit and loosing weight.

So if you travel a lot then it may be a good idea to introduce some hiit workouts without the use of equipment that can be done anywhere.

HiiT - Pilates is a workout that has 2 elements... The HiiT element is a high intensity exercise which lasts 30 seconds and the pilates is in the break. There are 5 pairs of exercises which are matched together because of the mechanics and muscles used. There is a warm up to prepare the joints and tendons and there is s focus on form.

Your hotel room can be moved around to accommodate. And it could be nice to be outside by the pool or a grassy area if I'm a warm climate.

The gym could be a good place to train obviously! You could warm up on the bike. And the reason for doing the hiit workout is to maintain the same routine as at home and that it is quick