The recent BBC documentary 'How To Stay Young' has prompted me to write about the age predictor
 test that is described nicely in they article.

The wonderful thing is that if you score low on this age predictor test you can improve it and improvements in the test do correlate with a longer healthier life. 

As a physiotherapist and pilates instructor i see people of all ages and fitness levels improve their posture, mobility, strength and stability through regular exercise. This helps people feel better, gain energy and function better in their lives. 

The main restrictions people develop as they get older (from top to bottom) are 
  • tight neck ear to shoulder 
  • Head Forward Posture (HFP) or poking chin
  • shoulders forward 
  • hunched / curved upper back 
  • tight pelvis 
  • tight hips into rotation, flexion and extension 
  • tight ankles into dorsiflexion (pulling toes up) 
  • abdominal muscle weakness 
  • gluts muscle weakness 
I have developed a series of exercises that can address these issues and therefore improve your score on the 'sit-down stand-up' test.