In my pilates classes I like to work on abdominals intensively and safely to fatigue.
When doing crunches the overall aim is to shorten the distance from the front lower ribcage to the front upper pelvis. These muscles become long and lower in tone with pregnancy, weight gain and poor posture. Variations of a crunch with the deeper activation of the transversus abdominus (corset muscle) will help to shorten and tighten this area.

However! I'm constantly told that people struggle to get a 'burn' in the abs because of  the neck tightening and aching. An explanation for this is that your neck functions just like you're lower back in that it has a set of 'core' muscles called the Deep Neck Flexors. These muscles are activated by a slight nod of the chin from the upper cervical vertebrae / base of the scull. Just a subtle movement and no gripping of the bigger outer muscles.

I have therefore devised a short sequence of exercises that can help strengthen the neck and stabilise the vertebrae, not only will this help to minimise risk of neck injury, reduce neck pain and headaches but also it will help you train your abs!!

My challenge for you is to do this workout everyday for 2 weeks. You will then feel you can enjoy working your abs and push for much greater benefits!!

Find my video on YouTube: Kim Saha and do it daily!