What Is HiiT Pilates?
HiiT stands for High Intensity Interval Training. When I first heard of HiiT Pilates it made me think of some form of manic high speed pilates class with flailing arms and legs. As tempting as that sounds - that is not the case at all. 

HiT-Pilates combines the High Intensity Exercises for 30 seconds with a Lower Intensity Pilates Exercise in the 'rest' period . The Pilates Exercise helps to align the body and engage the core for the next High Intensity Exercise. It means you get the benefit of the High Intensity Training (explained a little later) with the Core Muscle Activation.

Why HiiT-Pilates?
There is a lot of HiiT Training out there online recently - It is indeed a wonderful way of getting fit, getting lean and reducing the dangerous internal body fat we probably all suffer from. It can however be a problem to the tendons and joints of especially the lower limbs. Many of the programmes out there could load the achilles and patella tendons and ankle hip and knee joints. If you have pre-existing joint or tendon problems, are overweight, haven't exercised for a while or have poor mechanics then you will be extremely vulnerable. The joint and tendon focused warm- up should reduce this risk along with the Pilates sections which should help align the body and activate the 'core' to stabilise. 

Physiotherapist Lead
If you fit into any of these 'at risk' categories - as a physiotherapist I would be able to guide you through a tailored programme to get you into classes under my watchful eye. If you are following the programmes online I aim to put out enough content to allow people to gain the benefit of HiiT classes despite their physical restraints. These will include basic beginners classes with options to reduce loading to build into the more complex programmes. 

During the High Intensity Burst there is a focus on form too along with the muscles used to create the movement and correct postures along with explanations of why it is effective. 

There are 2 phases of the Workout: 

Phase 1:  Warmup 

A warm up focusing on posture, coordination, flexibility and warming up the tendons and joints too prevent injuries from the High Intensity Bursts 

Phase 2: HiiT- Pilates

Packed full of high and low intensity full body exercises. The High Intensity Bursts are matched with a slower muscle activation exercises. This focuses the body and mind on the correct techniques and muscle patterns required in the high intensity bursts.

The Benefits of HiiT-
Pilates are that it is q
uick, fun, high energy, theres no equipment needed, therefore can be done anywhere. And most Importantly it is safely taught by a physiotherapist and qualified pilates instructor. This ensures the exercises put low strain on the tendons and joints whilst working the body to a high intensity. 

The science says that it burns fat –for up to 24h after the session!, therefore for a short spurt of exercise there are massive benefits. It maintains muscle mass unlike long cardio exercise – you loose weight not muscle which for men and women these days is a real bonus! There are massive cardiac benefits so you’ll find it even helps your endurance fitness! and lastly there will be an increase in metabolism – therefore you’ll burn more calories within the 24h period post exercise – so more cake!

I personally have benefitted enormously from doing HiiT Pilates regularly. I have 3 children and am in better shape now than when I was an athlete in my teens and early 20's. (before and after pics to come! ) 

I will be Introducing my 'Basic HiiT-Pilates Workout' by showing you the 5 different pairings of exercises throughout this week (w/c 02/05/16) and then the full workout will be released next weekend. 

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