Non-Impact HiiT-Pilates

What is it? 
HiiT- Pilates is a typical 'HiiT' workout of 3x 30s bursts of 5 different High Intensity Exercises. The Pilates comes in during the 'rest' periods in-between the 30s bursts. The purpose of the Pilates is to connect with the core muscles during the rest in order to use the body more efficiently during the High Intensity Bursts. The Pilates Exercise is always relevant to the movement pattern needed for the HiiT Exercise. 

What is Non-Impact HiiT Pilates? 
Normal HiiT workouts involve lots of jumping and impact work. This can be an issue with joints and setting the exercise is to be done in. Non-Impact HiiT-Pilates uses mat based HiiT exercises to attempt to get over some of the issues I'm about to outline:

There are many people out there who want to loose weight and get fit, strong and healthy. This is made complicated by many factors of modern living. 
  • we don't have enough time due to work, kids, family and social commitments 
  • Space
  • financial difficulty paying for the gym
  • non-attendance of the gym 
  • joint problems 
  • too overweight to do impact exercise 
  • too embarrassed to exercise
  • travel
I believe all of these issues could be solved by a series of Non-Impact HiiT-Pilates sessions. The benefits include: 
  • they are quick - 25 mins. This includes the HiiT (High Intensity Interval Training) for Fat-Burning, Pilates for strength and stability and stretching after. 
  • Played for FREE from YouTube 
  • full of motivational queues 
  • non-Impact 
  • easier to do if over weight - non-impact 
  • can be done in the comfort of your own home
  • no dirty trainers, no worry about light fittings/ space. 
  • easy to do in a hotel room
The key to getting fit and sustaining it is consistency and getting into a regular routine. This will help it become easier to maintain and more enjoyable. 
It can of course be combined with other Impact / Non-Impact exercise depending on your situation. As well as some full pilates sessions and a generally active an healthy lifestyle.