Current Pilates Schedule


Mon 9.15 Pilates 10.15 HiiT

Tuesday 9.15 HiiT 10.00 Pilates 

Wed 9.15 HiiT 10.00 Pilates 

Thursday 10.00  

Friday 9.15 HiiT-Pilates combo (60 mins) 10.15 Pilates 


1x per week Pilates £156

2x per week Pilates £312

1x per week HiiT £130

2x per week HiiT £260

1x Pilates + 1xHiiT = £286

1x per week HiiT-Pilates Combo = £156


Nanny: Teresa will be here Tuesdays and Thursday to look after the little uns £4 per session to me. You may add it onto your bill if you know you'll need her all term £52 or PAYG per sesh. Please note this is at your own risk as it is a casual arrangement.

Photography: I love to take pics and videos for social media, the website and generally to keep memories. If you have any issues with this please let me know and I will be sure not to do this in your class or post online. I will obviously have no problem with this. 

Outdoor Garden Pilates With Small Equipment 

HiiT -Pilates. The Combo of High Intensity Interval Training and Pilates Movements in the Rest Times 

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