This fabulous sunny summer term will run 13 weeks from w/c 22nd Apr to w/c 22nd July. Sign up below on the doodle poll (in red) and pay to secure your space. I'm a little late sending this out as I decided to focus on the kids and family in general for a while and guess what - there's no time for anything else! lol. Anyway better late than never. 

There will be no class on the following Mondays 22nd Apr, 6th May - so Monday people pay £26 less or pay full price and come another day that week. 

Theres no class over half term w/c 27th May. 
Pilates: £169
HiiT: £156
Pilates + HiiT: £325
2x Pilates £338
HiiT with 15' pilates on a Friday: £169

Bank Details: 
Mrs Kim Saha 

A nanny will be available on Thursdays 10-11 for £4 cash - or add 52 to the price if you know you'll always need it. 

Timetable almost the same as last term:
Mon: 9.15 Pilates
Wed: 9.15 HiiT 10.00 Pilates
Thurs: 10.00 Pilates 
Fri 9.15-10.15 HiiT with 15 mins pilates 

Heres the link to sign up:
I've limited each class to 10 people as we will mostly now be outside or half in half out.  If your class is fully booked please message me as I will do a little reorganising so everyone gets an option that suits them. 

Any questions please feel free to ask! 
Remember to subscribe on youtube to supplement your classes!

Also share with your friends! 
Looking forwards to us all getting fitter and stronger together. 
Kim x

Outdoor Garden Pilates With Small Equipment 

HiiT -Pilates. The Combo of High Intensity Interval Training and Pilates Movements in the Rest Times 

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